Sailthru is a technology company that specializes in digital brand experiences and communications. Its Smart Data™ is leading a major shift in how companies engage with their customers through the automatic analysis of big data sets to generate informed, personalized communications across all digital channels. Smart Data delivers higher conversion rates and revenues for clients that include AOL/Huffington Post, The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company, Business Insider, The New York Post, Thrillist,, Totsy and OpenSky.

Founded in 2008 by Neil Capel and Ian White and headquartered in New York, Sailthru has been recognized for its industry-leading practices promoting consumer privacy & security by the Online Trade Association (OTA) and is on their 2012 Honor Roll. For more information, please visit


Aubrey Sabala is the Vice President of Marketing at Sailthru. Previously, she helped lead Facebook’s Consumer Marketing team and held various roles at Google, Digg, AOL and Booz Allen Hamilton. When she’s not trying to get everyone to use “Log In” correctly as a verb, you can find her at a local concert, on the ski slopes, taking (or teaching!) a Pilates class, missing her favorite restaurants in San Francisco and waking up far too early on the weekends. Often, all five. She recently moved to New York City & is beyond elated to have returned to a city that has seasons…slushy winters, hot summers and