Cookbook Create is an online platform for print-on-demand cookbook publishing. We believe everyone should have access to the recipes that matter to them and be able to easily make them into a cookbook.


Anna Curran is the Founder of a print on demand startup Prior to launching her startup, she was selected to as the New York representative for Startup Weekend’s pilot program, The Startup Foundation. Anna has worked as a digital strategist assisting startups and non-profits in developing their digital communications campaigns. Past client work includes Lama Surya Das a nationally best selling Tibetan Buddhist author; America: Now and Here a cross-country journey of art and artists; and Personal democracy Forum— the leading conference on Politics and Technology. She is formally trained artist, printmaker, and dancer. She believes in volunteering for great organizations like Startup Weekend, and hosts monthly discussions helping Startups form Strategic alliances with fortune 500 companies. You can keep up with her on Twitter @annacurran.